Sometimes, when a phobia results from a traumatic incident, which the conscious mind has forgotten,  the act of recalling the event will reduce or neutralize the phobia.  This can often take many expensive sessions with a psychiatrist.  The results can also be questionable. More often the phobia can persist in spite of the painful recall and acceptance of its original cause. In  these cases treatment by hypnotherapy will de-condition fear by reciprocal inhibition. Establishing a new attitude toward it will gradually neutralize the fear. The only way to overcome past programming is by reaching the subconscious mind with new, powerful, positive concepts.


Social phobias are one of the most common anxiety disorders. A social phobia involves the debilitating fear of social situations that involve social interactions.  Individuals perceive themselves as being judged and evaluated by other people. Both children and adults can suffer significantly from social phobias.


Individuals with social phobias  often have low self-esteem, depression, and  abuse alcohol and/or drugs . This can develop into panic attacks and in some cases agoraphobia. Social phobias are often mistaken for panic disorders, but rarely do people with social phobias actually experience panic attacks.


Hypnotherapy can help with self-limiting fears as well, for example the fear of criticism can be overcome by acceptance of the fact that we are all imperfect. It can help by realising that we  learn from criticism and  have an advantage over those who are constantly on the defensive. Fear of failure becomes a reason not to try, or to give up prematurely. Fear of rejection develops into self-hate.  Hypnosis can help to overcome these self-defeating habits. It can make people to feel happier and healthier.


It is likely you will need 3 to 6 sessions in order to achieve the desired result.


My approach is complementary to a cognitive behavioural method and offers a rapid and long -lasting resolution to social phobias.



“It worked from the first presentation I had to do 3 days after the hypnosis. I’m getting more and more confident with every talk I give. It’s now been just over 18 months and literally no slips or going back to my old frantic ways!”

                                                                                     Patrick, 34, Telecommunications, November 2012


“Hi Ellina. We did 4 sessions which I found to be really helpful and managed to have the blood test with no problems.”

                                                                                     Victoria, 19, Housewife, October 2013


“For 15 years I suffered from an absolute fear of escalators. Immediately after my first session with Ellina I was able to take the tube to work. Although I was still very apprehensive, I discovered that if I concentrated well before taking an escalator I would do well. In the two weeks after my session I forced myself to use every opportunity to practice, so I quickly gained the necessary confidence. Now, after just two sessions I am using escalators wherever I can and no longer avoid them.”

                                                                                     Toby, 22, Apprentice, September 2013