Problematic anxiety is a common and pervasive difficulty, which manifests itself in many ways.

Hypnosis produces permanent changes in emotional attitudes and the responses triggered by anxiety. My programme helps to eliminate thought patterns that trigger anxiety and/or panic attacks.

I can help you with exam nerves, anxiety about driving, dentist fears, flying fears, fear of speaking in public, and other such difficulties.

Hypnosis is an entirely natural, safe & relaxing form of therapy. You will remain conscious and in complete control throughout.

It is likely you will need 3 to 6 sessions in order to achieve the desired result.



“Sorry it took me a while to contact you, but I would like to thank you, as I have passed my test and have been driving now for a few months. I wish someone told me about you earlier and not after my 3 unsuccessful    tests :)”
                                                                                     Sarah, 18, Student, May 2013

“ Just come back from my first holiday abroad. My family is are proud of me. After years of being stuck every summer in the Isle of Wight, I cannot believe I am finely free of my paralyzing fear of flying.”
                                                                                     Tara, 45, casher, June 2013

“I’ve tried alcohol, sleeping pills and even Valium, none of them worked. The hypnosis worked. My flights to Australia and back went fine and all subsequent flights have gone smoothly. For that I am forever thankful.”
                                                                                     John, 40, Bank Manager, July 2013