Negative emotions make us unhappy and sick. Positive emotions keep us happy and well. Every emotion has a physical effect and is important to us during the various stages of our development. Uncontrolled emotions are very dangerous and as emotions are the lingo of the subconscious, we cannot control them consciously. Anger is the most destructive of all emotions as it can be difficult to recognise. In guilt we are angry with ourselves. In hate we are angry at the object of our hatred. In self-pity we are angry at the situations or people that frustrate us. Anger can cause extreme unhappiness, as well as many forms of illness. When we are angry our brain is inhibited and, therefore, we are reduced to something less than our human potential. With the help of hypnosis we can emphasize the need for tolerance and understanding, the need to be at peace with the world, at peace with ourselves.

My anger management programme will bring about positive and lasting change by helping you change and control your own reactions.

I use hypnosis, visualisation and direct suggestion to help you change the way you let daily events affect you. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is also built into the session for added effectiveness.

Whilst anger cannot be completely eliminated, my hypnosis programme will enable you to manage with assertiveness, not aggression, the triggers that cause your reactions of anger.

My anger management programmes are also successful for children and teenagers.

It is likely you will need 3 to 4 sessions to achieve the desired result.



“Even the smallest things used to make my blood boil. I now can see myself getting angry and manage it differently. It is good to be in control.”

                                                                                     Peter, 33, Bar Manager, March 2013

“The best money I’ve ever spent. It has been a year since my therapy sessions and my marriage has been saved. I am a different person, thanks to you!”

                                                                                     Jane, Sales Assistant, October 2012