Most people just muddle along day after day, realising only a small percentage of their potential, but with mind expansion and various forms of self-hypnosis they can  accomplish behavioural modifications by eliminating stress. With the help of hypnosis I can bring about a noticeable decrease in anxiety and a marked improvement in recall, academic performance and self-confidence. With the help of auto-suggestion I can  select the habits  a client wishes to overcome and the weaknesses  that require strengthening. As we know, it is not enough to convince our conscious mind that some of our habits should be changed, only as we learn to reprogram our subconscious mind will we be free to act according to our conscious desires.This is where I use hypnosis to reach the subconscious.

We are all aware that tension or stress affects our involuntary bodily functions (such as breathing, circulation, digestion); they are responsible for the symptoms of psychosomatic and psychogenic illnesses. Hypnosis is the most effective method of re-establishing  normal functioning because it can reach the controlling force. Hypertension can be controlled, resulting in lower blood pressure; indigestion and constipation can be eliminated; and many other psychosomatic diseases can be treated effectively by our direct orders to the subconscious mind while  under hypnosis. A  well-placed hypnotic suggestion working in conjunction with medical treatment brings about a more rapid recovery.Someone absorbed in self-pity is a self-centred person. People need to learn that they along with their desires  are not the centre of the universe. Everybody has his or her own troubles. It is natural to want things to be different  from  how they are, but to be unhappy if they are not is self-destructive. The positive affirmations given under hypnosis can help people to change what they can and accept what they cannot and help them to enjoy a more fulfilling life and  the people around them.

Guilt is a form of self-punishment, but punishing yourself because you feel guilty about something is wrong, because you become morose and irritable and, eventually, incapacitated by illness.

With the help of hypnosis I can support  clients to find forgiveness. I can make it easier for them to understand their own feelings. Many people harbour guilt because they cannot face their true feelings of hatred or anger. The feelings can become mixed up, and people bury these in their subconscious. This is what causes psychosomatic illness because it is not recognized and resolved. Guilt feelings are so painful to the conscious awareness that it may be difficult to lure  these feelings out of the subconscious. With the use of the hypnotherapy I can help  clients to go through the reasoning processes of the conscious mind and ease the suffering from exaggerated and disproportionate feelings.

Relief of pains, allergies, asthma, the improvement of memory, curing nail biting, stopping smoking, help with overcoming the nerves of a driving test, losing weight, help with  accepting your true self, prolonging life, letting go and forgiving, sex drive and the quality of death are only a few of the  many conditions in which hypnotherapy can be effective.