Belief plays an important part in hypnosis, and in the field of medicine as well. Subconscious belief is the most powerful factor in successful living:  it determines all behaviour patterns. However, our belief systems are imposed upon our unwary minds during childhood, way before our critical factors are developed enough to reject harmful ideas that we would reject at a later period in our lives.

Our subconscious beliefs determine whether we will succeed or fail, be happy or unhappy, sick or healthy, and even the length of our lives.

When the subconscious mind is convinced, it starts to act. As a hypnotherapist, my function is to convince the subconscious mind of the benefits of change. While my client is  under hypnosis, the more the conscious mind recedes, the more accessible the subconscious mind becomes – but consciousness does not disappear at any level.

Hypnosis is a concentration of the mind upon a single idea, and the exclusion of all other thoughts in which the consciousness agreeably slows down to a single focus.